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Established in 2018

We're Gray and Katie Turner, a couple of young farmers passionate about making our nutritious and delicious meats and vegetables available for YOUR family. Let us help you with the pastured meats and naturally grown vegetables you need to kick-start a healthier lifestyle.



Baken Creek Farm is a small diversified family farm located in Landisburg, PA in beautiful Perry County. Gray and Katie started this farm in 2018 after homesteading in Mechanicsburg for a few years. Driven by our interest in healthy, nutrient-dense foods and regenerative agriculture, we were thrilled to settle at our 30-acre farm where we could practice stewardship of the land in ways that allow both us and nature to thrive.

With management-intensive rotational grazing, no-tillage, native tree plantings, implementing and expanding riparian buffers, and on-farm composting, we are sequestering carbon, improving air and water quality, and creating habitat for wildlife while also producing delicious and nutritious foods for ourselves and our community. We believe everyone has a right to this type of food, but know that it can be hard to find. We want to help our customers on their health journeys by providing access to healthy and clean pastured meats and naturally-grown produce–after all, healthy soils translate to healthy foods and healthy communities. 


We don’t compromise on our standards, and we are always seeking to learn ways to improve our methods. That means we approach our garden and livestock care in the most natural ways possible. We do not use synthetic insecticides, herbicides, or fertilizers, and we actively seek to improve the resiliency of our plants, animals, and ourselves through supplementation with minerals and natural, herbal remedies. 


We run an on-farm store where you can find our products as well as those of like-minded farmers and producers in the area. Our store is open April through December, and we hope you can come to visit and take a walk around the farm to see our operation. You can also support our farm through a CSA subscription which includes an on-farm pick-up option or delivery to a drop-site in the Arcona neighborhood of Mechanicsburg. We also offer agritourism opportunities such as personal farm tours, camping through HipCamp, and occasional classes throughout the year. Make sure to sign up for our email list and/or texting list to hear about these opportunities! Also, check us out on Facebook and Instagram for photos and stories from the farm. We look forward to meeting you!

Your farmers,

Gray and Katie Turner



We care about the quality of foods we put into our bodies and know you do too. Let our farm be YOUR farm.


Learn more about each of our products and services:

Naturally Grown Produce

Pastured Chicken

Grassfed Lamb

Pastured Pork




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