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Pastured Chicken

Our chickens are raised on pasture in moveable pens with access to fresh grasses, forbs, and insects every day--and YES, chickens do eat grasses and other pasture plants! If you've ever seen plump chickens chase after crickets in the grass you know things are right with the world! An active chicken with a vibrant red comb (the "mohawk" atop their beak/head) is a sure tell sign of health for a chicken. Our pastured chickens leave behind an abundance of fertilizer that improves our pasture for the sheep and pigs--they know where the chickens have been and seek out the nutritious grasses once the grass grows back.

Our chickens are fed a local non-GMO, chemical-free corn and soy blend (certified organic grains)! Pastured chicken availability varies throughout the year, but whole bird pre-orders are available in the spring through the online shop.


Everything Likes to Eat Chicken

Our pens are designed to protect chickens from predators while providing maximum access to the pasture--meat chickens are not well-suited for the free-range life, but this is close! Notice in the picture how much of the grasses they've consumed compared to outside of the coop. In 12 hours or less, they'll be ready for a fresh dinner plate and move eagerly with us as we move their pen. Pasture access results in a deep yellow, healthy fat that results in juicy meat during cooking (chicken meat itself is well known for being lean) and an incredibly rich bone broth.


Big Birds Here!

We've heard the feedback from YOU, our customers, and most of you want big birds! While every batch has its share of "runts" our system is starting to consistently grow 6 lb average birds. We regularly have batches with birds nearing 8 lbs dressed weight. One cooking spread across many meals to save you time while still eating healthily!
Order your pastured chicken here!

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