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After years of pouring over farming literature and videos, engaging through agricultural conferences and courses, studying soil science and working in the agricultural industry, and pursuing homesteading at the backyard scale, we finally made the leap to purchase our own farm in 2018 and establish Baken Creek Farm LLC. With several years of small farm management under our belts, we have enjoyed sharing our advice and experience with others interested in regenerative agriculture and the establishment of new farming businesses through our farm tours, volunteer experiences, and one-on-one conversations. Because the inception of our business is still fresh in our minds, we have a lot of information to share that can help a budding regenerative ag business get off on the right foot.


Gardening and Grazing

  • Soil health management

  • Rotational grazing plans

  • Infrastructure advice

  • Crop selection

  • Minerals for livestock

Business Establishment

  • Business Structure

  • Marketing ideas for local produce and grassfed meat

  • Insurance considerations

  • Regulatory requirements

  • Holistic planning


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