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Agritourism at the Farm

A big part of the reason we started this farm was to provide an avenue for people to connect with their food and engage with nature. We feel very blessed to be able to steward this land, and want to share this blessing with the local community. We also realize that many people are unfamiliar with our farming practices and are interested in learning more--whether to better understand how their food is grown or to replicate these practices on their own land. We enjoy giving personalized tours and providing opportunities to visit throughout the year. We hope you can come visit sometime soon!


Tours and Events

One of our main events each year is our annual fall harvest celebration, usually held at the end of September. This event gives us the opportunity to introduce some of our partnering farms to our customers and gives us a chance to share what updates we've made. It's a fun day, so make sure to follow along for news as we get closer to that date!

We also offer private farm tours for families or school groups. Please reach out to let us know you are interested and receive more details about our options.



For an even more immersive experience, you can even stay overnight at our farm by booking through HipCamp. We have two camping sites to choose from that both include a fire pit and a picnic table. You can book a tour as part of the trip and depending on when you come, we'll likely have produce, meats, and other good food available for purchase in our store. 

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