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Naturally Grown Produce

The Market Garden is Katie's domain on the farm, where she grows a variety of produce, flowers, and herbs on 1/3 of an acre. The garden includes permanent outdoor beds and four covered caterpillar tunnels for crop protection and season extension. Our produce is available seasonally and can be ordered online for pick-up at our farm.


Growing Practices

Soil health is the key to plant health, and we've spent the past several years working to build the health and resilience of this small patch of earth. We have a few principles that we abide by:

  • No mechanical soil disturbance 

  • Plenty of rich compost is added to the permanent growing beds 

  • Wood chips in pathways to provide food for the fungi and inhibit weed growth

  • No synthetic pesticides are used 

  • No synthetic herbicides 

  • Plenty of diversity and crop rotation 

  • No single use plastics (we avoid using plastic mulches for the beds and only use more durable long-lasting plastics for our greenhouses, perimeter and u-pick path)

Crop Selection and Availability

We select our seeds from seed companies like High Mowing Organic Seeds, Johnny's Select Seeds, and Seed Savers Exchange and prioritize heirloom and nutrient-rich varieties. Our produce is available seasonally--which means that you won't find fresh tomatoes here in May! We also can not guarantee the availability of any one item because crop failures happen.

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