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Katahdin Sheep
Breeding Stock

Due to a growing family at Baken Creek Farm in 2023 and our growing partnership with our friends at Lost Sheep Ranch outside of Newville, we are no longer managing a breeding flock here at Baken Creek Farm.


Our friends at Lost Sheep Ranch raise Katahdin hair sheep using the same protocol to that which we've utilized over the past several years. We will be working with Lost Sheep Ranch to raise ram lambs to maturity for breeding and our respective meat markets while we continue to improve on the organic, 100% grass-fed genetics we've each been developing, but now doing so collectively. Ewes will be available for pick up at Lost Sheep Ranch in Newville, PA and rams will be available at our farm in Landisburg, PA (approx. 20 minute drive between our farms). You may contact us regardless of what you are interested in as we work closely with Lost Sheep Ranch to raise and market the sheep.

About our Katahdins:

Katahdins are a low maintenance, easy-keeping hair sheep breed with strong maternal instincts, natural parasite resistance, and meaty carcasses. Our sheep are 100% grass-fed within our management-intensive rotational grazing system. The sheep have access to free-choice organic mineral supplements and are never fed any grain. Ewes lamb on pasture and rarely require assistance. No wool shearing, tail docking, castration, hoof trimming, or vaccinations are required within our production system.

Lambs are born in April at Lost Sheep Ranch and weaned in August when all rams and ram lambs are removed to grow out at Baken Creek Farm. Ram lambs hit about 70-80 pounds live weight on an all pasture diet by early December, while ewe lambs hit breeding weight by this time as well. In mid-November, breeding rams are introduced to the ewes. Breeding stock is fed winter stockpile and hay through the winter.


We have a strict "one strike and you're out" policy for our breeding stock--meaning if we have to medicate or intervene in any significant health or lambing issue that animal is out of consideration for future breeding. This strict protocol results in only the hardiest of grass-based genetics. All sheep are broken to electric fencing--netting and polybraid. 

Breeding stock, if available, can be picked up starting in August. Reservations are accepted via a $100 deposit per head at the link below.

Katahdin ram

What we have to offer...

Availability varies each year and changes by the season. Click the "Reserve Breeding Stock" link above to complete an inquiry/interest form and we'll reach out to coordinate availability and pick up options. 

Proven Ewes

Recommended to first-time shepherds. Ewes that are typically 1.5-5+ years old. These ewes have experience lambing on their own and lambing should be fairly uneventful. The older proven ewes we sell are sold because we are keeping their offspring and with maintaining a small flock we can only keep so many ewes from a maternal line.

Ewe Lambs

Ewe lambs are born on pasture in April and ready to breed around November. Ewe lambs are available for purchase and pick-up after weaning, which is usually August. 

Breeding Ram Lambs

Ram lambs are born on pasture in April and ready to breed by fall. It is best to wait a few months after weaning to allow the rams to develop and let the "cream rise to the top." Starting 2024 we will have unproven rams over 1 year old to be certain of the genetic potential of a breeding ram.

Proven Rams

Mature rams that have been used for our breeding which known, good offspring. These are rare to come by, but offer the best of what is available. 

Meat Rams

Recommended for first-time shepherds and those interested in raising their own lambs for butchering. Ram lambs are born on pasture in April and weaned in August. Meat rams are ready to pick up shortly after weaning in August. Meat rams will be ready to butcher before winter or hold through to the following summer/fall for an exceptionally meaty carcass. 

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