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Pastured Pork

Pastured pork is NOT the other white meat. Pork was never meant to be a pale meat. Our pork is a dark pink almost red like beef. Our pigs are raised outside on pasture or in woodlot paddocks where they are fed an organic grain, get plenty of exercise, and are encouraged to exhibit their natural swine behaviors--rooting for grubs, tubers, earthworms, creating wallows to beat the summertime heat, etc. 

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Pasture Farrowing

When we kept our own breeding stock we allowed our sows to farrow where they saw fit--in an open barn or out on pasture. Now that we are buying in our piglets for finishing here in our production system we are committed to only buying from breeders that exhibit the same values that we do for their sows. We do not tolerate the use of inhumane farrowing crates for swine production.

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Like most, we thought that pigs are destructive and stink. A pig outdoors provides an asset with their manure fertilizing the pasture and the high-fiber diet of a pasture pig is readily available nutrients for soil life. Some rooting is to be expected of all pigs, but with our production system where we move pigs regularly the impact to the land is minimal, but desired to improve the land for brush and tree clearing.

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Active, Outdoor Pigs are Healthier

Pigs raised outdoors are healthier, and when frequently moved, require fewer treatments for health issues. Our pigs are fed clean, organic grains to supplement the diet they receive from the pasture or woodlots, while also getting fresh air and sunshine. We never use any chemical medications or vaccinations on our pigs. 

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