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Grassfed Lamb Deposit--Half

Order a HALF grassfed lamb deposit now to reserve your lamb when they are next harvested, likely June 2024. Our lambs are 100% grassfed and raised on pasture that is never sprayed with herbicides or synthetic fertilizers.  The meat will be custom cut to your specifications, vacuum-sealed and frozen. We also include the service of assistance in making your cut selections and tips and recipes for cooking lamb.


Half lambs are $3.75/pound live weight, and they are typically around 100 pounds live (so you would be paying for 50 pounds live with a half). The butchering fee is $90-120, and you would pay half of that. You'll take home around 20 pounds of meat from half of a 100 pound lamb, depending on your cut selections.  Deposits are non-refundable. Let us know if you have any questions!

Grassfed Lamb Deposit--Half

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