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Idaho Pasture Pig
Breeding Stock

Our Idaho Pasture Pigs are raised in a management-intenstive rotational grazing system alongside our Katahdin sheep. Our pigs are fed a local, organic grain supplement to meet their daily mineral requirements, but the majority of their diet consists of pasture or hay. The pigs are not vaccinated and any health issues are treated with organic methods. 

Registered IPP Breeding Stock Reservations

Registered Gilts


Registered Boars



$150 minimum or $3/lb live-weight

$100/head nonrefundable deposit

To reserve registered breeding stock or feeders, please complete our reservation form to get on our wait-list by clicking the button below. We will confirm your information and provide an invoice for deposit.

Idaho Pasture Pig Sow invasive japanese stilitgrass.jpg

Our Idaho Pasture Pigs have been caught eating invasive Japanese stiltgrass!

Idaho Pasture Pig Boar Hickory.jpg

Hickory - Bandit I2845

DOB: 10/4/21

COI File Registration Pedigree

14 teats, no waddles

Idaho Pasture Pig Sow Cherry.jpg

Cherry - Pepper I2557

DOB: 8/17/21

COI File Registration Pedigree

13 teats, has waddles

Litter 1

Hickory - 9/3/22: 3 gilts, 6 boars, 1 stillborn

Litter 2

Hickory - Due 3/23/23

Idaho Pasture Pig Piglets 2.jpg
Idaho Pasture Pig piglets.jpg
Idaho Pasture Pig Sow with Piglets.jpg
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