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Idaho Pasture Pigs

Idaho Pasture Pigs are the ideal pastured-pork pig breed. With proper mineral supplement provided via minimal feed inputs these pigs keep rooting to a minimum. They will root through the sod layer to remove dandelions and grubs initially, but with proper grazing management and regular pasture moves the impact will be light and restricted to the first year or two. If confined to too small of an area or not regularly moved you should expect these pigs to do what conventional pigs do--root. Management is key. As a result, we cannot guarantee our pigs will not root on your farm. All of our pigs are accustomed to double-strand electric poly-braid and electric net fencing.


Boars are castrated at weaning (~8 weeks), so any interest in a registered boar must be provided in advance with a paid deposit. If the deposit is not paid on weaning day the boar will be cut, NO EXCEPTIONS.


New owners of registered IPPs are encouraged to complete a breeder prefix registration with the IPP registry--this is not required to buy registered pigs, but is required if intending to sell registered pigs.


Litter notifications are submitted shortly after farrowing and registration papers are submitted after purchasing--you will NOT receive registration papers when you pick up your pigs, those will be mailed to you from the registry (typically 4-6 weeks later). You, the BUYER, are responsible for accurately completing the "New Owner" section of the "Idaho Pasture Pig Registry Official Registration" form upon pick-up or provided in advance. Any errors to the information provided will be the BUYERs responsibility to pay any correction fees.


Reservations are accepted via a $100 deposit per head. We do not provide a guarantee or refund for animals once they have left our farm. Animals are purchased as is, and we provide as many details about each animals history as possible to help you make the best decision for your operation. Prices are below.


At this time, Baken Creek Farm does not sell adult animals. All reservations are for piglets that will be approximately 2.5 months old after weaning and ready for pick-up.

Fill out this form with your information and what you are looking for. We'll be in touch shortly regarding availability and information on how to pay a deposit.

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